Wedding parties

Dear Bride and Groom,

We may organize your special day in our restaurant!

We can prepare and serve festive lunch or dinner as you can choose the best option for you and your guests from the menu suggested below:

Menu per person  40 BGN
Starter /1 of kind/
1. Salad Assorte – tomatoes, cucumbers, green salad with a salmon roll, grilled pepper, cabbage and carrots, humus, cheese, egg with tartar sauce, fish-roe spread on bread/

2. Traditional Bulgarian Shopska salad

3. Traditional Bulgarian Shepherd’s salad /tomato, cucumbers, grilled pepper, white cheese, yellow cheese, grilled mushrooms, ham, hard boiled eggs, olives, onions/

4. Caesar’s salad

Warm Starter /1 of kind/
1. Chicken crispy bites
2. White cheese with honey and walnuts

3. Volauvent with bacon and mushrooms

Main course /1 of kind/
1. Pork fillet with spices and Chicken roulade /in one plate/ with cream sauce
2. Pork fillet with three sorts of mushrooms
3. Trout fillet with butter-lemon sauce and almonds

Side dish /1 of kind/
1. Sautéed potatoes & baby carrots
2. French fries
3. Vegetables in butter
4. Mixed side: baked potato ring, grilled vegetables

After Meal /1 of kind/
1. French cheese platter
2. Mixed dry Bulgarian sausages and fillets

DRINKS: 50 ml rakia
1 Mineral water and 1 soft drink /Coca-cola product/

Common terms:
Restaurant capacity: max 80 seats
Wedding duration: 6 hours 18.h-24h.
Overtime – after 24.00 – 100 BGN per every subsequent hour.
No extra charge for bringing your own wine!
Music: Only DJ max. 6 hour acceptable